About VBP platform

What is Vectio Business Platform

Vectio Business Platform is an extensive, advanced, modular solution that implements basic business processes, such as information flow, data integration, multi-level acceptance and data monitoring. The platform can be deployed both in the cloud model and on the infrastructure available at the customer's site. Each module can be freely configured and adapted to the individual business needs of the client.

Platform customers

The platform was designed as a dedicated, enterptise class solution and then adapted to the needs of small and medium enterprises that would like to increase theirs competitive advantage by digitizing current business processes. This model uses best practices used by large enterprises (including full integration and data flow, machine learning, etc.) as affordable platform for SMEs. Single Vectio Business Platform instance processes an average of several to several hundred thousand electronic documents such as purchase orders sales orders, income invoices, cost invoices, reports, transport orders, transfers banking, registering of guests visitors and temporary workers, on-line training, entrusting personal data, etc.

Vectio Business Platform and sustainable development

In 2019 Vectio Sp. z o.o. representatives joined the group of BSDI experts (Balkans Sustainable Development Institute) and started active actions for sustainable development. Basing on many years of experience in building Vectio Business Platform, system architects set themselves the goal of reconciling the implementation of advanced business processes and goals in the area of ​​sustainable development. Modern technologies often seem to need more energy at first glance, which may be contrary to the ideas of sustainable development. On the other hand, the implementation of VBP in the enterprise is ideal solutions to implement "Objective 9: Build stable infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization, and support innovation"
(Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation source: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/infrastructure-industrialization/ United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals).