Available modules - Basic embedded modules of the VBP platform
  • Order Managment System

      Built-in syncs

        placing orders B2B / B2C - integration with WaPro, Symfonia, Comarch system, etc.

        synchronization of goods

        order synchronization

        synchronization of invoices

        synchronization of stock levels

        handling of corrective invoices

        synchronization and service of traders

        synchronization of price groups

        synchronization of clients

        Status synchronization


      Possibility to place orders as one company / many companies of the same payer / different payers

      Viewing historical orders

      Handling own transport / customer transport / transport by courier

      Built-in online payment service

      Automatically generate separate documents for




      Sales reporting

        divided into traders

        broken down into goods

        broken down by clients

        broken down by payers

        broken down into own goods and external goods (own brand / foreign brand)

        drill down from a group -> specific order -> invoice -> item -> product

        automatic generation of reports and sending by e-mail according to the agreed schedule

      Integration with courier systems

        Direct generation of barcodes and ordering a courier from the OMS module

        the ability to track the order at the stage of courier delivery

      Send alerts when the product goes below the set minimum condition

      Generating orders for a specific product / products upon falling below the level of a certain state and automatically sending it to the supplier

      Tracking the delivery of goods and products from the supplier to the warehouse / multiple warehouses

      Possibility to place an order for goods that are not in stock but are available from Suppliers (automatic processing of the order from the customer to the supplier taking into account the margin)

      Predictive regressive model - estimating receipts and suggesting goods based on historical data

  • Contractor management module

      Automatic verification and retrieval of current data for a contractor from central registers

        REGON (registration data, address data)

        VAT payer

        EU VAT payer (VIES)

        National Debt Register (KRD)

        Coface business intelligence agency

        Black list

        Red List

        List of fake suppliers / contractors

  • Module for periodic verification of Suppliers / Contractors

      Possibility to set up periodic verification of contractors with automatic change of status and data update

      Sending periodic reports after verification

  • Module for managing cost invoices (Document Management System)

      Electronic Archive of cost invoices divided into:

        Cost centers



        Own conditions

      Automatic reading of data from incoming invoices to the e-mail address and / or manually uploaded to the platform

        Contractor (complete registration data)

        Invoice number

        Invoice data (net amount, gross amount, VAT rates)

        Items on invoices (product, quantity, value)

        Date of issue

        Sale date

        Payment deadline

      Automatic generation of bank transfers based on the payment date

      Automatic grouping of transfers of a given contractor

      Automatic counterparty / transfer verification - White List of the Ministry of Finance

      Generating statements "cash flows"

        Amount paid in given period (net / gross)

        Amount awaiting payment in a given period

        Amount paid in given period

      Automatic "pre-processing" of cost invoices (assignment of invoices to the appropriate VAT registers - account 221/222, contractors' registers - accounts 201-1 / 201-2, based on the chart of accounts purchase of energy, materials, transport services ...)

      Possibility of multi-level invoice acceptance (document workflow)

  • Contract management module

      Electronic archive of contracts with contractors and employees

      Automatic notifications about the upcoming contract expiry date

      Possibility of aggregation and "tagging" of contracts

      Grouping contracts / annexes

      Multi-level contract statuses

  • Module for wholesale email and marketing automation

      Możliwość wysyłania spersonalizowanych wiadomości email do kilku / kilkunastu tysięcy odbiorców dziennie (Klientów, Dostawców)

      Possibility to announce offers for establishing cooperation / tenders / purchase of goods and materials

      Tracking and reporting

        Number of sent email messages

        Number of reactions to sent email messages

        Number of open messages

        Average time between sending and opening an email

        Percentage result of sending messages

  • Messages module

      Possibility to publish and send a message that will be visible on the first page for each signed-in Contractor on the platform

      Possibility to send several thousand messages a day

  • A module for handling mandatory GDPR registers that should be kept by every economic entity

      Register of Premises

      Incident Records

      Entrustment Records

      Data sets Records

      Document Records

  • E-Learning module

      Building e-learning training with a wizard

      Preparation of multiple-choice tests

      Employee referrals for training / knowledge tests

      Generating a certificate / certificate after completing training / passing an exam

  • Employee development - talents / training module

      Filling out a form online for hiring a new employee

      Competency matrix for the development of a given employee

      Employee referrals for training / knowledge tests

      Matrix of necessary and planned training for each employee

  • Temporary / Warehouse Workers / Guests

      Notification and control of guests

        Acceptance of the Security Policy (GDPR) by the Guest

        QR code support

      Advice and control of Temporary / Warehouse Employees

        Notification of the Guest by the Shift Manager and / or Temporary Employment Agency

        Acceptance of the Security Policy (GDPR) by the Employee

        QR code support

        Generating lists of inputs

  • Supplier / subcontractor - self service module

      Self-registration of a subcontractor on the platform

      Automatic verification and collection of data for each subcontractor in the above-mentioned registers (REGON, MF, VIES, KRD, Coface, ...)

  • Payment Advice Module

      Notification of payments to Suppliers / Subcontractors - sending information to Suppliers / Subcontractors which invoices, for what amount, at what date will be settled

      Automatic verification of transfers against the white list of the Ministry of Finance as of the day of making transfers